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Nov 11, 2012 6:30pm EST
in 2004. >> the u.s. is not the only ones remembering the service of our veterans. today canadian remembrance day is marked as well. thousands of people gathered in the capital of ottawa this morning to honor the sacrifices of their country's veterans. the crowd lined the sidewalks of dozens of vets as they marched through the city streets. remembrance day has been marked since the end of world war ii. and overseas, similar remembrances in australia. that's the prime minister julia gillard laying a wreath at the australian war memorial in camber. they paid tribute to military members honored for their sacrifice. britain's king george v declared december 5 remembrance in 1919 to be observed in commonwealth countries. >> and new developments in the scandal surrounding david petraeus. as is reported, a woman by the name of jill kelley is believed to be the one to notify the f.b.i. and got an email from the biographer paula broadwell. >> at the top spy master david petraeus must have known something about clandestined operations but why couldn't k
Nov 18, 2012 6:30pm EST
is trying to help negotiate a cease-fire between israel and hamas. >> the u.s. airways flight enroute to tennessee had to head back to the airport after just 15 minutes. it was forced to return because the captain reported a fire on board. investigators were unable to find any evidence of a fire. >> we have an alert to tell you about for montgomery county. police are looking for this man 91-year-old johnson. he went looking -- missing earlier today from silver springs. he met been spotted near route 29. they say he suffers from dementia. police are asking anyone who may have seen him to give them a call. the redskins were big winners this afternoon. >> let's get up to speed now. rgiii on fire. >> on fire. it was good. the redskins came into today's game. brandon meriweather returned to the lineup. the men of the day once again is rgiii. after an eagles turnover, griffin might open -- wide open. a seven-nothing skins. fires steep to a wide open. -- deep to a wide-open. third quarter magic. rgiii sends up the bomb. it is caught by santana. better with age, fine wine. the skins when a 31
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2